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We are a strategy & creative agency of women who want to change the world

with a human-centered approach through communication as a tool for social transformation.

are we here?

We believe that it is possible to understand the complexity of our times from a critical thinking perspective and change the world through active listening, creativity, communication, and a collaborative mindset.

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Through strategic thinking, storytelling, visual arts, and ideas, we focus on society & human centered design, for conscious people and organisations committed to positive social impact.

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nama's way of doing it

We are a collective of strategists and creators who believe in the power of diversity, inclusion & collaboration, working with art, cultural & social impact projects

our methodology follows 4 steps:

We listen actively and ask questions. We love the why’s. Curiosity & critical thinking are crucial to widen our perspective and raise challenging questions.

We bring together people with different skills and backgrounds. 


We believe in multiple perspectives to inspire collective change.

We understand that there is no simple answer to complex problems.


We value research, data, human & society needs as we consider the social and environmental impact of your product/service.

We find new paths through narratives as we develop strategic and creative solutions that resonate with a more conscious society

is nama?

nama is a native flower of tropical regions. They are delicate but yet strongly blossom from hard, rugged, and rocky soils.

In Buddhism, nama is a mental phenomenon; it means consciousness, sensation, perception.

For us, nama is the attentive and multiple gazes that build strategy & create impactful visuals to speak deeply and broadly about the most urgent issues in the world we live in.


Who we are

Karen Hofstetter

Founder & Creative Director

Daniela Szwarc

& Creative Strategist

Raquel Fedato

Event Producer

Lalai Persson

Brand Experience 
& Culture Expert

Luciana Elaiuy

Creative Director / Copywriter

Elke Mendonça

Content & Strategy Lead

Luiza Arcuschin

Business Strategist

Alê Sarilho

Executive Production

Bruna Bento


Julia Aiz

Design / Art Direction Assistant

Ligia Boueres

Mobile Product & CRM

Gabriel Rezende

Casting & Media Producer

Tatiana Nascimento

Audio-Visual Producer

Keren Chernizon


Bruna Bento

Executive Production

Luciana Mendes

Planning & Strategy

If you believe in changing the world from a human, ethical, empathic and inclusive approach, apply now to be part of nama’s network.

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Karen Hofstetter

Founder & Creative Director

Born and raised in São Paulo, Karen Hofstetter is a Berlin-based art & creative director with over 16 years of experience in the fields of branding and visual arts.

She graduated with a degree in Social Communication from FAAP São Paulo, a masters in Graphic Design & Advertising from the Pan American School of Art (São Paulo)  and User Experience at Hyper Island (Stockholm).

From 2015 to 2018, Karen launched and ran OH K, an ecommerce platform that partnered with independent artists and local makers to create products that reflected on women’s rights issues. This experience taught her about the challenges of solo entrepreneurship and the social and environmental responsibility that brands and communicators have in our modern society. 

Her true passion lies in working on projects and people who are committed to positive social impact and help them find creative solutions for complex problems.

Daniela Szwarc

Founder, Researcher & Creative Strategist

Creative planner, working with Marketing and Strategy for the past 15 years with an enormous curiosity for people, new ways of living, and the impact of communication.

Daniela previously worked as a Strategic Planner and Conceptor with Grey, Africa, and FlagCX, and WGSN in Brazil. As Marketing Manager at Red Bull, she was responsible for the challenging Red Bull Station project – a cultural hub in downtown São Paulo focused on experimental projects including visual arts, music, social projects, sustainability, and technology.

Originally from São Paulo, Daniela has spent much of her adult life bouncing around the globe and, after experiencing New York and Berlin as a base, chose the countryside of Israel to call it home. She has a Bachelor of Social Communication from FAAP, Psychology studies at Tel Aviv University, and Compassion Cultivation Training at the Compassion Institute by Stanford University. 

When she’s not drawing creative strategies, Daniela enjoys contemplative walks, deep conversations at dinner with friends, and reading the same chapter of a book a few times before moving to the next one.

She is passionate about finding creative ways of understanding the multidimensionality of the world, and her mission is to transform human connections for a more conscious world.

Raquel Fedato

Event Producer

Berlin, New York, São Paulo, London, Istanbul, Stockholm: The playgrounds of Raquel Fedato are the global cities of tomorrow, where she proves her skills of staging brand experiences in cultural settings. 


Raquel’s work breathes through her extensive connections, exquisite concepts and best reputation in the global creative scene.

Lalai Persson

Brand & Culture Expert / Digital Strategist

Lalai is a Digital Strategist & Experience/Content Curator. She has been working with Digital Marketing for more than 15 years, and she’s an expert in social media, influencer marketing, and digital trends.


A visionary and pioneer in founding a Social Media Agency (in 2008!), she sold her company six years later, searching for new adventures.


Since then, she has traveled the world to curate experiences, music & innovation in festivals, working with international brands.

Lu Elaiuy

Creative Director / Copywriter

Creative Director / Copywriter with over 16 years of experience in advertising agencies and content publisher, Luciana graduated with a degree in Social Communication from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, in São Paulo, where she was born and currently lives.

She has several works in fields of advertising, branded content and projects involving disciplines such as naming, musical composition, script, concept, poetry, and verbal identity for brands and services.

Her main objective is to build fresh narratives for original ideas, whatever the platform or medium chosen. At the end of the day, this is a delicious exercise of creativity, culture and interpersonal relationships. She has a special interest in the context and connection between brands and people, and works for the positive relevance between them.

Elke Mendonça

Copywriter & Content Strategy

Elke is a copywriter and journalist working on building creative strategy and digital content since the days of Orkut. 


In the last 15 years, she was responsible for managing teams and creating communication projects for Brazilian and international brands such as Unilever, Danone, Friboi, Natura, Pepsico, Azul Linhas Aéreas, Boehringer, Shell, Audi, Nestlé, Porto Seguro, Café Pilão, Discovery Group, Editora Abril, Polenghi, WGSN, Singer and Governmental Authorities.


Elke is passionate about audiovisual and has a background in dramaturgy. 


She puts her love for cinema into practice by participating in the production of short and feature films.

Luiza Arcuschin

Business Strategist

Luiza conveys her entrepreneurial background with her passion for purpose and transformation to support the implementation of high-impact projects.


MBA qualified specialized in entrepreneurship and sustainability she has 10+ years of experience in strategic consulting and management, having worked for Red Bull, Escola São Paulo, and as the founder of Dream Facilitation, a personal consulting that empower individuals and organizations to turn their purpose into action through personal consulting and group workshops.


Dynamic and multi-talented Luiza is an active listener, creative and excellent at planning and implementation. “More empowered people living a meaningful life. This is the impact I wanna leave in the world.”

Ale Sarilho

Executive Producer

Alê Sarilho has been working as a producer for the last 18 years, dedicating her work to executing ideas and directing multidisciplinary teams.

Her passion started while managing a photography studio, and today she is Director of Production at one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil.

“My journey is what challenges me: balancing my career between Managing & Producing while working on projects with purpose and developing a team that thrives in their deliveries.”

Bruna Bento


Bruna Bento is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist searching for new imaginaries who uses her skills to record, connect, research, and create. Her method of creation is based on the observation of details, honoring her life repertoire. 


Born in a peripheral region from São Paulo, now at the age of 28, she autonomously studies art, social-environmental topics, economy, and human behavior.  Her main goal is to be a support channel for people promoting actions and research for the common good of all living beings, human and non-human, in favor of possible futures, many times considered utopian.


Her research emerges from the idea that images directly impact the construction of the individual and their attitudes, building society’s collective imaginary and cultural narratives. Her work and research are crossed by the issues of the human psyche, longevity, regeneration, emotional subjectivity, consumer consciousness, and food.


She collaborates for people, brands and agencies, such as UOL, Flow Impact, Inesplorato, Papel e Caneta, W3Haus, O Boticário, MAC Cosmetics, Bonde Verde, Rider, Maria Tangerina, Sweet Filmes, Lilit and etc. 


As an artist, she participated in collective exhibitions such as ‘Ponto de Vista no Manifesto Parallax’ at Funarte (São Paulo).  She was also one of the photographers selected for the project ‘150 photos for São Paulo’ with her personal project ‘Linha do Tempo’ series images

Julia Aiz

Designer & Art Director Assistant

Julia Aiz is a graphic artist working with collage, silk-screen, textiles, and graphic design.

She graduated in 2013 as a technician in Social Communication and has since continued her studies autonomously and self-taught. 

She has more than 6 years of experience in projects merging fashion, culture, and diversity. Julia has a sharp eye and heart dedicated to projects relating to social impact on the lives of women and the LGBTQIAP+ population. 

She works with collage experiments as an independent creator, using leftover patches, voids, positives, and negatives as resources. Her work is developed in abstractions of form in graphics, creating a unique and authorial aesthetic. 

She currently works as a freelance graphic designer and creative director at her copyright label A/Z and has been part of Nama’s collective since 2021.

Ligia Boueres

Development and Execution

Ligia is a strategist for planning and executing projects, campaigns, product launches, and stakeholders management. In addition, she develops app communication streams to build a brand reputation, change perceptions, introduce new app features, and designs consumer lifecycle journeys aiming at user acquisition, retention, and reactivation.


With her background in sustainability, gender & diversity management, she creates relationships between business and their human side to help them deliver a positive social & environmental positive impact. Ligia currently works for TIER Mobility, focusing on consumer journey communications, e-mail marketing, CRM, and commercial performance to improve the consumer experience and bring brand awareness and values to the TIER app audience. Since its seed stage, she has been part of the TIER team, having helped the unicorn start-up successfully strive through the transformation required to become an established mobility company.


Ligia advocates for women’s rights, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and product development. She co-founded the ‘Women of Tier’, an initiative to bringing light to challenges women face in their daily work and personal lives to reach gender equality in the micro-mobility field. Ligia also hosts the podcast ‘Women of Tier’. She interviews women building their careers in the mobility field, sharing stories and strategies to navigate a predominantly male-dominated industry. 

Gabriel Rezende

Casting & Media Producer

Born in São Paulo, Gabriel Rezende works as a Casting & Media Producer.


He works with international clients such as Coca-Cola, Ambev, Apple, Motorola, Vogue, Glamour, Unicef, ONU, MC Donald’s, Puma, and Malwee.


Gabriel is also a partner at ‘Produção Preta Lab – a Casting and Production organization that focuses on socially-oriented agendas.


He is also engaged in educational and inclusive movements for black professionals in the advertising industry, bringing diversity and opportunities to professionals from different areas.

Tatiana Gomes Nascimento

Audio-Visual Producer

Tatiana Nascimento, a black woman, born in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil, mother of two with a degree in Law and a Master in Etnocult (Ethnic Culture) at Eca/Usp.


Tatiana has worked for over 18 years in audiovisual production. She collaborated at Vera Cruz School on an anti-racist project, working actively on social causes and being a Counselor and Communication Director for Travessia’s Association.


She founded Janga, an audiovisual production company, in August 2021 and has been Nama’s collaborator since April 2022.